The Winter of Our Discontent - Quiz Questions

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1.  According to Joey Morphy, how do robbers get caught?

A)  They tell someone else about the robbery and spend all the money at once on women

B)  They sign the note they give to the teller

C)  They have a prior record, they fight over profits, they allow women to get involved, and they spend the money openly

D)  They know the employees of the bank and the bank employees know them

 2.  How much money did the Hawley family inherit from the will of Mary’s brother?

A)          $2500

B)          $6500

C)          $10500

D)          $15500

3.  What was the name of the bank Ethan is going to rob?

A)          First National Bank

B)          Second Bank of New Baytown

C)          First Credit Union of New Baytown

D)          National Bank of New England

4.  What college did Ethan attend?

A)          Columbia

B)          Boston College

C)          New England University

D)          Harvard

5.  Where is Ethan’s secret place?

A)          a cove on the beach

B)          on the Belle-Adair

C)          a passage that may have been a drain where the Hawley dock had been

D)          Next to a tree that overlooks the Hawley house

6.  What does Ethan call prayer?

A)          “addressing God”

B)          “taking stock”

C)          “begging mercy”

D)          “deep thinking”

7.  How did the Hawley family get rich?

A)          Whaling and piracy

B)          Banking

C)          Investments

D)          Inherited from Royalty

8.  How does Ethan arrange the books in his attic?

A)          Alphabetically by author

B)          By year of publication

C)          By topic

D)          By size and color

9.  What did Margie Young-Hunt see when reading Ethan’s fortune?

A)          A snake changing its skin

B)          A man hanging upside down

C)          A skull and cross bones

D)          Ethan as a wealthy man

10.  What did Mr. Marullo give to Ethan on Easter?

A)          a raise

B)          his car to borrow far the upcoming holiday

C)          a bag of colored candy Easter eggs

D)          some white violets

11.  What is Mary’s cultural background?

A)          She is Russian

B)          She is Italian

C)          She is Austrian

D)          She is Irish

12.  What is the Hawley family talisman?

A)          A wooden stick that looks like a foot

B)          A hat with a feather sticking out of it

C)          A golden Buddha

D)          A mound of translucent stone

13.  Where does Joey go to get coffee every morning?

A)          The Coffee House

B)          The Foremaster Grill

C)          Miss Lynch’s Coffee Place

D)          Baker’s Grill

14.  What type of gun was Ethan going to use to rob the bank?

A)          An Iver Johnson .38 caliber revolver

B)          A Glock .45 caliber automatic

C)          A sawed off shotgun with a barrel that looked like a foot

D)          A Colt .45

15.  What does Mr. Marullo call Ethan?

A)          Morphy

B)          Mr. Hawley

C)          Clerk

D)          Kid

16.  What article of clothing does Ellen think Ethan is too old to wear?

A)          suspenders

B)          a bow tie

C)          dance shoes

D)          a Stetson hat

17.  What health condition does Mr. Marullo suffer from?

A)          Asthma

B)          Arthritis

C)          Celiac Disease

D)          Diabetes

18.  What was the method that Charley Edwards, a major of Ethan’s during the war, gave Ethan to carry out the deadly business of war?  This was the method Ethan adopted for the day of the robbery.

A)          To not think of family members during the war.  To put them in the back of your mind.

B)          To think of each family member in turn and assure each one of them of your love in your mind in the morning when you wake up.

C)          To drink your family and love blues away.

D)          To reflect on your family and loved ones all day long.

19.  Who was raising the flag at the war monument with Ethan’s name on it the day he was going to rob the bank?

A)          Willie

B)          Ethan

C)          Allen

D)          Stoney Jackson

20.  What post box did the Hawley family own?

A)          10

B)          3

C)          7

D)          13

21.  What day was Ethan going to rob the bank?

A)          the Saturday during the 4th of July weekend

B)          Easter Sunday

C)          Good Friday

D)          Monday after the 4th of July weekend

22.  Where did the children go on vacation during the 4th of July weekend?

A)          Montauk Moors

B)          Boston

C)          To Margie Young-Hunt’s House

D)          To Rockefeller Center

23.  How did Ethan identify Danny’s body?

A)          by going and viewing Danny’s body

B)          by telling Stoney about Danny’s scars

C)          by giving Stoney a picture of Danny

D)          Danny’s body was not found so there was no need to identify it

24.  What killed Danny?

A)          an alcohol overdose

B)          an overdose of sleeping pills mixed with alcohol

C)          a bullet to the back of his head

D)          drowning in the ocean

25.  What percent of the profit of the airport did Ethan sell Danny’s land for?

A)          11%

B)          72%

C)          33%

D)          51%

26.  Who was the speaker for most of the speech that Allen plagiarized in his essay?

A)          Thomas Jefferson

B)          Henry Clay

C)          Jack London

D)          Abraham Lincoln

27.  What did Mary Ellen put into Ethan’s pocket to make him think of her when he was going to kill himself?

A)          Some money

B)          A cream colored feather

C)          The talisman

D)          An ivory elephant’s foot with painted toe nails