Analyzing the Text

These activities are typically done throughout a reading of The Red Pony. To help teachers break down the text there are discussion topics divided according to each short story contained in the novel novel which can be used at any time to stimulate discussions. The student driven activities challenge the class to dive into the text to find their most beloved passages, organize their thoughts to prepare for cumulative exams or projects, and connect themes across the novel.

From Words to Pictures

Steinbeck's writings are known for their vivid descriptions. In this activity, students adapt a short passage from The Red Pony into a visual form.

Mining for Examples

In this ongoing activity, students work collaboratively to create an in-depth study guide to understanding key scenes, quotations, and themes in The Red Pony.

Show, Don't Tell

Understanding the difference between "showing" and "telling" will not only enhance the students' enjoyment of literature, especially The Red Pony, but will improve their own writing and make it more vivid and visual.

Favorite Passages

This activity creates a "message board" where students can post and comment upon important, entertaining, and interesting passages from The Red Pony. The message board can be displayed in class and expanded as reading through the novel continues.

Document Analysis

Analyzing documents of any kind is a skill that will aid students in multiple subject areas. This activity provides a structure that students of all abilities can utilize to build their analytical skills.


The Jigsaw method is a way to help students understand and retain more information by working collaboratively with classmates. Students work in small groups to analyze and dissect a reading, then report back to the class. This collaborative method aids students in understanding material that at first seems complex and dense with new facts and information.