The Red Pony Curated Lesson Plans

Looking for a specific type of lesson? Explore these curated lists which draw together lesson plans of similar themes and/or methodologies. Remember to examine the context links in the left hand panel of each lesson for further resources.

Getting Started

This collection is for the teacher who needs a few introductory set pieces to start off a unit on The Red Pony. Introduce students to John Steinbeck, The Red Pony, ranch life at the turn of the century, and more.

Reading Comprehension

A collection of lessons and activities to build language, comprehension, and writing skills.

Connecting with History

Setting is important in any Steinbeck novel, and The Red Pony is no exception. These lessons and activities take students deeper into the historical themes central to the novel.

Analyzing the Characters

This collection includes activities and lessons at a variety of levels to help students to understand the characters and their motivations more deeply.

Analyzing the Text

Dive deeper into the text with organizational activities, in-depth close reading, and detailed class discussions on the the major themes in Of Mice and Men.

Adapting the Text

Get creative with these activities. Students bring the novel to life with their own creative adaptations of scenes and characters.

Get Them Out of Their Seats

Creative chaos. These activities get students out of their seats and engaged in discussion, adaptations of the text, and exploring the world around themselves.