The Moon is Down - Quiz Questions

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1. Why did Mr. Corell arrange for most of the town officials and soldiers to be out of town on the Sunday when the story opens?

a)  He wants them to enjoy the outdoors

b)  He likes to organize outings for the townspeople

c)   He wants the invasion to occur with little resistance from the townspeople

d)  He does not want them to be killed in the invasion

2. Who says that the invaders are “time-minded”?

a)  Doctor Winter

b)  Joseph

c)   Mayor Orden

d)  Annie

3. How is Captain Bentick described?

a)  As an Englishman

b)  As an American

c)   As a Norwegian

d)  As a German

4. According to Colonel Lanser, why do the invaders conquer the town?

a)  Location

b)  Coal mine

c)   Fishing

d)  Both b and c

5. Where do the invaders decide to keep their headquarters?

a)  George Corell’s home

b)  Mayor Orden’s palace

c)   Near the coal mine

d)  At the local jail

6. Major Hunter is described as more of an arithmetician than what?

a)  A soldier

b)  A mathematician

c)   An engineer

d)  An artist

7. Colonel Lanser had been in what twenty years before?

a)  A shooting contest

b)  University

c)   The other war

d)  Prison

8. Who appears to have memorized the military manuals?

a)  Captain Loft

b)  Captain Bentick

c)   Lieutenant Tonder

d)  Colonel Lanser

9. What does George Corell ask Colonel Lanser for after the town is conquered?

a)  To go home

b)  For a promotion

c)   To replace Mayor Orden

d)  For monetary compensation

10. At the beginning of the novel, what is Colonel Lanser most concerned about in dealing with the townspeople?

a)  Taking away their dignity

b)  Keeping bloodshed to a minimum

c)   Earning respect

d)  Making friends

11. Who kills Captain Bentick?

a)  Doctor Winter

b)  George Corell

c)   Annie

d)  Alex Morden

12. Why do the invaders stage a trial for the murder of Captain Bentick?

a)  To practice justice and a fair trial

b)  To deter further rebellion

c)   To make the soldiers feel better

d)  Both a and c

13. When Colonel Lanser says he has “certain memories,” what is he referring to?

a)  The other war

b)  His childhood

c)   His native country

d)  A lost love

14. According to Mayor Orden, what is impossible?

a)  “To defeat the invaders”

b)  “Keeping secrets from the townspeople”

c)   “To boycott working in the coal mine”

d)  “To break man’s spirit permanently”

15. Why does Alex Morden accidentally kill Captain Bentick?

a)  Bentick hit him

b)  Bentick tried to make him work

c)   Bentick tried to break up a fight between Alex and Captain Loft

d)  Bentick was flirting with Alex’s wife Molly

16. How is Alex Morden executed?

a)  By poisoning

b)  By hanging

c)   By firing squad

d)  By electric chair

17. Which answer best describes the mood of the men in Chapter 5?

a)  They are bloodthirsty

b)  They are lonely

c)   They are merry and enjoying the town

d)  They are proud of their position in the town

18. Who says, “Flies conquer the flypaper”?

a)  Colonel Lanser

b)  George Corell

c)   Mayor Orden

d)  Lieutenant Tonder

19. While sitting in the upstairs room in the Mayor’s palace, what sound bothers the soldiers?

a)  The howling wind

b)  Gunshots in the distance

c)   Laughter among the servants

d)  The hissing of the gasoline lanterns

20. What is Captain Loft’s solution to the trouble in the coal mine?

a)  Starve the workers

b)  Starve the family of the workers

c)   Shoot the workers

d)  Shoot the family of the workers

21. Why does Lieutenant Tonder visit Molly Morden?

a)  For someone to talk with

b)  To make love with

c)   For a home cooked meal

d)  Both a and b

22. Who wrote the poem that Lieutenant Tonder recites to Molly Morden?

a)  Heine

b)  Tonder

c)   Goethe

d)  Shakespeare

23. What is the purpose of the clandestine meeting at Molly Morden’s home with Mayor Orden and company?

a)  To aid two men in escaping from the country

b)  To have a party without inviting the invaders

c)   To plan the murder of Lieutenant Tonder

d)  To organize a strike in the mine

24. With what does Molly Morden kill Lieutenant Tonder?

a)  A gun

b)  A snow shovel

c)   A pair of scissors

d)  A knife

25. What is in the packages that are dropped over the town?

a)  Propaganda pamphlets and ration kits

b)  Small guns

c)   Pocket knives

d)  Dynamite and chocolate

26. What is Colonel Lanser surprised to learn from George Corell?

a)  That Mayor Orden has a revenge plot against the Colonel

b)  That Corell has been communicating with headquarters and has authority over the Colonel

c)   That Corell has decided to return to his native country

d)  That Doctor Winter is a traitor

27. Which of Plato’s dialogues does Mayor Orden and Doctor Winter recite?

a)  Phaedo

b)  Republic

c)   Apology

d)  Euthyphro

28. Who do Mayor Orden and Doctor Winter defer to when they cannot agree on which word Socrates used – “death” or “departure”?

a)  Colonel Lanser

b)  Lieutenant Prackle

c)   Joseph

d)  Annie