Sweet Thursday - Short Answer Questions

  1. The Prologue opens with Mack's advice for revision of the novel Cannery Row.  What suggestions does he make and what do those suggestions reveal about his literary tastes?
  2. Explain how Cannery Row and its inhabitants have been affected by World War II.
  3. Identify Doc's three voices and explain what each reveals about his personality.
  4. What makes Joe Blaikey such a good constable?
  5. Though Old Jingleballicks is extraordinarily wealthy, he is a miser and cannot give any money to his friends.  What reasons does he give for his behavior?
  6. Why do you think Suzy is so moved that Doc does not make a "pass" at her on their first date?  How does that influence her feelings about him?
  7. Why can't Joseph and Mary seem to understand that there is no way to cheat at a game of chess?
  8. How does Fauna's prophecy change Hazel's life?  How does he deal with the pressures of his impending appointment as President of the United States of America?
  9. How do the party goers respond to Joe Elegant's dressing of Hazel as Prince Charming?  Is their response justified?  Why or why not?
  10. Why was Mac's raffling off of the Palace Flophouse a mistake?  Why does it work out for Mack and the boys in the end anyway?
  11. Why do you think Doc accepts Suzy as his bride at the party though he is clearly taken aback and embarrassed by the spectacle of the event?
  12. Explain the Row's reaction to the disastrous party.  How do events following the party reflect the depressed mood of the Row?
  13. For what purpose does the narrator compare events on the Row to events in surrounding areas, such as the Great Roque War and the Butterfly Festival?  What satirical points does Steinbeck make about his regional home through this commentary?
  14. How does Suzy turn the abandoned boiler into a home?  What does her makeshift home say about her personality?