Sweet Thursday - Quiz Questions

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1) Who was supposed to care for Western Biological while Doc was in the military?

A) Old Jingleballicks

B) Mack

C) Lee Chong

D) Dora Flood

2) What was Mack searching for during the war?

A) Gay's body

B) Geiger Counter

C) Money for a microscope for Doc

D) Uranium

3) Who named the Palace Flophouse?

A) Mack

B) Doc

C) Hazel

D) Lee Chong

4) Which member of the Palace Flophouse was killed in the war?

A) Whitey #1

B) Gay

C) Henri the Painter

D) Lee Chong

5) What is Fauna's real name?

A) Ida

B) Flora

C) Becky

D) Dora

6) Where does Eddie hide alcohol during the war?

A) Under the maple tree

B) He buries it in the field around the Palace Flophouse

C) The basement of Western Biological

D) At the Bear Flag

7) What are the three voices Doc hears?

A) His thinking mind, his feeling mind and his marrow

B) His active mind, his passive mind and his aggressive mind

C) His lonely mind, his academic mind and his neutral mind

D) His id, his ego and his superego

8) Why does Joseph and Mary think Suzy is not a good hustler?

A) She is too friendly and has too much character

B) She is not pretty enough

C) She has a bad attitude

D) She'll quit as soon as she gets some money

9) What theme do Fauna and Mack settle upon for the masquerade party?

A) Romeo and Juliet

B) Cinderella

C) Westside Story

D) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

10) What does the seer tell Doc he needs to be truly happy?

A) Candy bars

B) Love

C) To live a life unencumbered by possessions

D) To watch the sunset every evening

11) How does Flora represent the girls she has married off on her board?

A) With gold stars

B) With red hearts

C) With embroidered flowers

D) With wedding photos

12) What does Joseph and Mary decide to dress as for the party?

A) Prince Charming

B) Happy the dwarf

C) Dracula

D) A tree

13) How does Doc initially respond to Suzy's entrance at the engagement party?

A) He runs to her side

B) He quickly escapes

C) He is overcome with embarrassment

D) He smiles and accepts his bride

14) What does Fauna say is Hazel's destiny?

A) Help Doc marry Suzy

B) Graduate from college

C) Become Prince Charming at the costume party

D) Become President of the United States

15) Where does Suzy go to live after the party?

A) The Palace Flophouse

B) An abandoned boiler

C) The Golden Poppy

D) A hotel in Salinas

16) Why does Doc nearly kill Joseph and Mary?

A) For making a pass at Suzy

B) For overcharging him for beer

C) For cheating him at a game of chess

D) For repossessing the Palace Flophouse from Mack and the boys

17) How does Old Jingleballicks inspire Doc to write his paper?

A) He challenges Doc to do it in a heated argument

B) He pays him a large sum of money

C) He sets up a research foundation in Doc's name where he must deliver a presentation on his paper

D) Doc loses a bet must write the paper as payment of the gambling debt

18) What does Suzy admit to Hazel is the only thing she will do for Doc?

A) Help him write his paper

B) Bring him soup if he were injured

C) Marry him

D) She says she will never speak to him again

19) How does Doc say he broke his arm?

A) He fell while collecting specimens

B) He was in a car accident

C) He was drunk and can't remember

D) He got it caught between his cot and the wall while sleeping

20) Where do Doc and Suzy travel to collect specimens at the end of the text?

A) Los Angeles

B) Monterey

C) La Jolla

D) Pacific Grove