Of Mice and Men - Suggestions for Further Reading

The American Library Association supplies the dates and places where Of Mice and Men was banned due to parental and school board concern over what they called profanity in the text. Steinbeck's other award winning work, The Grapes of Wrath, is also included on the list.

Belmont High School in Los Angeles provides a detailed list of the vocabulary, allusions, and idioms found in each chapter of Of Mice and Men. All terms are defined, with some accompanied by pictures.

Monterey County Historical Society's chronology of Steinbeck's life and the publication dates of his works.

The Monterey County Historical Society offers a  chronology of Steinbeck's life, including the publication dates of his works.

The Universal Teacher study guide  highlights character development and main themes found in the book.  The site also looks at how Steinbeck uses structure, time, and setting. There are also questions that will prompt students, teachers and individual readers to respond to the text.

Photos from the 1992 film version of Of Mice and Men can be found here.

The Library of Congress's Voices from the Dust Bowl collection includes a page discussing migrant workers' experiences in California.