Analyzing the Text

These activities are typically done throughout a reading of Of Mice and Men. To help teachers break down the text there are discussion topics divided by the major sections of the novel which can be used at any time to stimulate discussions. The student driven activities challenge the class to dive into the text to find their most beloved passages, organize their thoughts to prepare for cumulative exams or projects, and connect themes across the novel. 

Of Mice and Men Discussion by Section

A section by section breakdown of the major events, themes, and discussion topics. This is a rich source of information to help frame an entire unit plan for Of Mice and Men.

Favorite Passages

This activity creates a "message board" where students can post and comment upon important, entertaining, and interesting passages from Of Mice and Men. The message board can be displayed in class and expanded as reading through the novel continues.

Study Guides

This activity provides additional structure and guidance to that found in "Mining for Examples." Students create their own study guide for the novel.

Mining for Examples

In this ongoing activity, students work collaboratively to create an in-depth study guide to understanding key scenes, quotations, and themes in Of Mice and Men. Includes a sample project created by students examining some of their favorite scenes.

Critical Analysis Essay

This essay assignment is a major step in developing the students' critical analysis abilities. It can be modified per grade level/ability, and is a perfect introduction to scholarly papers.