Tortilla Flat - Quiz Questions

1) Tortilla Flat is in what city in California? 

A) Salinas
B) Carmel
C) Monterey
D) San Diego
*Correct Answer is C

2) Danny inherits two houses from whom?

A) his grandfather
B) his grandmother
C) his mother
D) his godfather

*Correct Answer is A

3) Who is the first friend Danny "rents" the house to?

A) Pablo
B) The Pirate
C) Jesus Maria
D) Pilon
*Correct Answer is D

4) How does Danny feel when his second house burns down?

A) he is angry
B) he is relieved
C) he doesn't care 
D) the house does not burn down
*Correct Answer is B

5) How many dogs does The Pirate have?

A) none
B) two
C) four
D) five
*Correct Answer is D

6) Why is Pilon looking for treasure on St. Andrew's Eve?

A) he wants to give the treasure to Danny as a thank you
B) he wants to keep it for himself
C) he is going to donate it to the church
D) he does not say
*Correct Answer is A

7) What does Danny give to "Sweets" Ramirez as a present that causes her to become the talk of the town?

A) a toaster
B) a refrigerator
C) a vacuum cleaner
D) a new house
*Correct Answer is C

8) The Caporál wants his baby to become a generál when he grows up so that he can get revenge on the superior officer who stole his wife:

A) True
B) False
*Correct Answer is B

9) Which of the friends is the least loyal to the group throughout the novel?

A) Danny
B) Big Joe
C) Pilon
D) The Pirate
*Correct Answer is B

10) What does the pirate want to use his gold coins to buy for San Francisco?

A) a pie
B) a gold crucifix
C) a rosary
D) a gold candlestick
*Correct Answer is D

11) Teresina Cortez feeds her nine children a steady diet of:

A) beans
B) rice
C) vegetables
D) fruit
*Correct Answer is A

12) What do Danny and his friends use to tell time?

A) clocks
B) watches
C) the sun
D) both a and b
*Correct Answer is C

13) What member of the group begins to feel tied down and goes on a rampage?

A) Pilon
B) Pablo
C) Jesus Maria
D) Danny
*Correct Answer is D

14) What does Danny do that Pilon calls "a crime against friendship" (147)?

A) burns down the house
B) steals The Pirate's money
C) steals Pilon's shoes
D) kicks everyone out of the house
*Correct Answer is C

15) How much does Torrelli say Danny sold him the house for?

A) 100 dollars
B) 20 dollars
C) 25 dollars
D) 35 dollars
*Correct Answer is C

16) What do the friends do in order to get money to pay for Danny's party?

A) sell their clothes
B) pack squids
C) beg for money
D) work for Torrelli 
*Correct Answer is B

17) At the party, when Danny yells "Who will fight?…Is there no one left in the world who is not afraid?" what is he brandishing in his hand (164)?

A) a table-leg
B) a baseball bat
C) a knife
D) a gun
*Correct Answer is A

18) Danny's friends attend his funeral service at the church:
A) True
B) False
*Correct Answer is B

19) What happens to Danny's house at the end of the novel?

A) it is sold
B) a relative of Danny's moves in
C) the friends stay there
D) it burns to the ground
*Correct Answer is D

20) After Danny's death, the group dismantles:

A) True
B) False
*Correct Answer is A

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