Tortilla Flat - Further Reading

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Monterey, California: City's official site includes many pictures, historical information, and activities, such as tours that visitors can engage in. As Monterey is such an important part of the novel Tortilla Flat, it is interesting to see the real town behind the story that Steinbeck loved so much.

Monterey Steinbeck Tour - Page of the Monterey Steinbeck tour, which takes the visitor past all of the places where John Steinbeck lived and visited in the city.

An article by Robert Fulford about Steinbeck and his relationship with the city of Monterey, originally published in The National Post in February of 2000. A more personal column about Steinbecks connection to the area.

Website of the National Steinbeck Center, with information about his works, as well as the author himself, though it is lacking in information on Tortilla Flat specifically.

Information page for the 1942 film version of Tortilla Flat, starring Spencer Tracy.

Site of The Camelot Project of the University of Rochester, a database for information on Arthurian texts. A good resource for studying anything related to the myth of King Arthur and his Round Table. Would be good background information for Tortilla Flat, due to the parallels to these stories.

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