The Red Pony - Interactive Quiz Questions

"The Gift"

1) In the beginning of "The Gift," Jody is awakened in the morning by:

A. Doubletree Mutt 
B. Billy Buck 
C. A triangle 
D. Carl Tiflin
*Correct answer is C

2) In "The Gift," Carl and Billy Buck are meeting some men to sell cattle:

A. In Monterey 
B. In the Gabilan Mountains 
C. At the ranch
D. In Salinas
*Correct answer is D

3) Billy Buck is considered an expert with:

A. Horses 
B. Branding
C. Slaughtering pigs 
D. Breeding dogs
*Correct answer is A

4) Carl Tiflin is most often described as:

A. Handsome 
B. Cruel 
C. Stern 
D. Jovial

*Correct answer is C

5) Gabilan dies from:
A. Pneumonia 
B. Rabies 
C. Starvation
D. The Strangles
*Correct answer is D


"The Great Mountains"

1) Jody inquires about the mysterious mountains to the:

A. North 
B. South
C. East 
D. West
*Correct answer is D

2) Gitano comes back to the Tiflin ranch to:

A. Work 
B. Die
C. Buy some cattle 
D. Ride horses
*Correct answer is B

3) Carl Tiflin thinks old people are:

A. Useless and should be put out to pasture
B. To be respected 
C. Wise 
D. Great story tellers
*Correct answer is A

4) Jody spots Gitano in possession of:

A. A lot of money
B. Old Easter 
C. A revolver
D. A Rapier
*Correct answer is D

5) Gitano rides off into the mountains:

A. On a donkey 
B. In the Tiflin's old Ford 
C. On Sundog
D. On Old Easter
*Correct answer is D


"The Promise"

1) What does Ruth Tiflin find in Jody's lunch pale?

A. A collection of bugs and reptiles 
B. An uneaten lunch 
C. A bad report from his teacher
D. Stolen money
*Correct answer is A

2) What will it cost Jody for his new horse?

A. Ten dollars and some light chores 
B. Five dollars and taking care of Nellie 
C. A summers worth of chores with no complaints
D. Two dollars and fifty cents
*Correct answer is C

3) What is the name of Jody's dream stallion?

A. Pepper 
B. Gabilan 
C. Sundog 
D. Demon
*Correct answer is D

4) Jody feels unlucky after thinking about Nellie and his colt:
A. At the brushline
B. Under the black cypress tree
C. In the bunk house
D. While looking at the Great Mountains
*Correct answer is B

5) What does Billy Buck have to do to fulfill his promise to Jody?
A. Buy Jody another pony 
B. Sell his own horse 
C. Build a new corral 
D. Kill Nellie in order to deliver her colt
*Correct answer is D


"The Leader of the People"

1) Whose father is Grandfather?
A. Billy Buck's 
B. Carls
C. Jody's 
D. Ruth's
*Correct answer is D

2.) What does Jody ask Grandfather to help him hunt?

A. Mice 
B. Deer 
C. Bear
D. Bison
*Correct answer is A

3) Carl Tiflin embarrasses himself by:

A. Falling off a horse 
B. Being rude 
C. Trying to apologize to Grandfather
D. Burning supper
*Correct answer is C

4) What does Grandfather say was most important about his leadership while crossing the plains?

A. The adventure 
B. The gun battles 
C. The Native Americans 
D. It was a whole bunch of people made into one big crawling beast
*Correct answer is D

5) What does Jody offer to do for Grandfather to make him feel better?

A. Make him lemonade 
B. Curry his horse 
C. Apologize for his father
D. Have Billy slaughter a pig
*Correct answer is A


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