Pastures of Heaven - Interactive Quiz

1) What is the name of the Spanish corporal who discovers Las Pasturas de Cielo?
A) Franklin Gomez
B) Don Quixote
C) He is not named
D) Bernal Diaz
*Correct Answer is C

2) Who named the valley Las Pasturas de Cielo?
A) The Spanish missionaries
B) Migrant workers
C) The Native Americans
D) The Spanish corporal 
*Correct Answer is D

3) How many children did Bert Munroe have?
A) One
B) Four
C) Three
D) Two
*Correct Answer is C

4) Bert Munroe was a failure at many business ventures and felt he was cursed. Why did he decide to take up farming?
A) Bert felt that farming was the one job that would not bring him bad luck
B) Bert's father was a farmer and he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps
C) Mrs. Munroe pushed Bert into farming as she loved living in the country
D) Bert felt land prices would rise, and figured owning a farm was a good investment.
*Correct Answer is A

5) To what government entity did Bert Munroe belong?
A) Police department
B) Mayor's office
C) County Sheriff's office
D) School board
*Correct Answer is D 

6) How many years was the farm abandoned before Bert Munroe purchased it?
A) Two years
B) Four years
C) Seven years
D) Five years
*Correct Answer is D 

7) What was the lie Shark Wicks perpetuated for years in the Pastures of Heaven?
A) He was a wealthy investor
B) He was a famous author
C) He was a marine biologist
D) He had a wooden leg 
*Correct Answer is A

8) What was Alice Wicks' most notable quality?
A) She had a birthmark on her cheek
B) She was stupid
C) She was very beautiful
D) She had a small nose
*Correct Answer is C

9) Why did Shark grab a gun and go to Bert Munroe's house?
A) Bert Munroe owed him money and Shark needed to collect it
B) To help Bert Munroe thwart a robbery attempt
C) Shark and Bert Munroe were going pheasant hunting
D) Jimmie Munroe danced with and kissed his daughter Alice
*Correct Answer is D

10) What was Shark obsessed with in regards to his daughter Alice?
A) Getting good grades in school
B) Preserving Alice's virginity
C) Making sure Alice gets married
D) Making sure Alice eats a well balanced diet
*Correct Answer is B

11) What does the name Tularecito mean?
A) Little frog
B) Tiny grasshopper
C) Old coyote
D) Dances with wolves 
*Correct Answer is A

12) What special talent does Tularecito possess?
A) Picking cotton
B) Drawing
C) Gardening
D) Dancing
*Correct Answer is B

13) What did Tularecito do when the school children erased the chalkboard?
A) Attacked the other school children
B) Helped erase the blackboard
C) Skipped the rest of the school day
D) Asked to be excused to go to the bathroom
*Correct Answer is A

14) Tularecito began to believe he was a gnome and he sought to find his people. How did he go about finding them?
A) Took a trip to Europe
B) Put an ad in the paper
C) Dug holes in the earth
D) He decided not to look for them 
*Correct Answer is C

15) Helen Van Deventer's deceased husband had a hobby. What was his favorite hobby?
A) Painting
B) Coin collecting
C) Woodworking
D) Hunting
*Correct Answer is D

16) Who came to Helen Van Deventer's cabin to welcome her to the neighborhood?
A) Molly Morgan
B) Bert Munroe
C) Willa Whiteside
D) Pat Humbert
*Correct Answer is B
17) Helen Van Deventer had a lot of tragedy in her life. What would she say to people when people asked how she handles it?
A) She would say she tries not to dwell on it
B) She would say that she cries softly in the night
C) She would say that she can endure
D) She would say that it does not bother her that much
*Correct Answer is C

18) What was Junius Maltby's profession back in San Francisco?
A) He was an accountant
B) He was a bookbinder
C) He was a librarian
D) He was unemployed
*Correct Answer is A

19) Why was Junius Maltby forced to leave the city and relocate to the Pastures of Heaven?
A) He was wanted by the law
B) He was looking for a new job and wanted to try farming
C) He had poor health and needed to live in a better climate
D) He was marrying a woman from the Pastures of Heaven
*Correct Answer is C

20) Why did Junius marry the widow Quaker?
A) He fell in love with her after boarding in her house for a while
B) He wanted to start a family
C) He felt there should be a man of the house 
D) The widow Quaker did not like the appearance of a single man boarding with her
*Correct Answer is D

21) Why did Junius return to San Francisco?
A) He decided his son would have a better life living in the city
B) He missed living in the city and decided to return
C) His altercation with Bert Munroe forced him to leave town
D) His health started to fail and felt San Francisco would be a better place to live
*Correct Answer is A

22) Rosa and Maria cannot grow enough on their land to survive. What do they decide to do to make a living?
A) Work as maids for the more wealthy families in the valley
B) Start a dairy farm
C) Open a restaurant in their house 
D) Sell fruits and vegetables along the roadside
*Correct Answer is C

23) Maria and Rosa decide to start prostituting. Why do they start prostituting themselves?
A) It was the profession their mother did for a living
B) They needed money for a new roof on the house 
C) They were always prostitutes
D) They used prostitution to improve business at their restaurant
*Correct Answer is D

24) When Maria and Rosa are forced to leave the Pastures of Heaven and move to the city, what do they decide to do for work when they get there?
A) Open a restaurant
B) Continue being prostitutes
C) Work at a hotel
D) Become housekeepers
*Correct Answer is B

25) What is the reason for Molly Morgan coming to the Pastures of Heaven?
A) She was to interview for a teaching position
B) Her health was poor in the city and she needed some fresh air
C) Molly was to marry William Whiteside
D) Molly planned on opening a sewing shop in town
*Correct Answer is A

26) Who was Vasquez?
A) A local farmer
B) The owner of the hardware store
C) An outlaw that hid from the law in the hills overlooking the Pastures of Heaven
D) The drunken farm hand employed by Bert Munroe
*Correct Answer is C

27) Molly Morgan discusses her childhood with John Whiteside. She tells John that her father was a:
A) Traveling salesman
B) Local fruit grower
C) Unemployed architect
D) A bartender at a local pub 
*Correct Answer is A

28) When Molly Morgan faces the possibility that her father may still be alive, what does she decide to do?
A) Call him on the telephone and invite him over to dinner for a reunion
B) Decide that she will keep her true identity secret from the man she suspects is her father
C) Ask John Whiteside to speak to the man to ascertain whether he really is her father
D) Leave the Pastures of Heaven instead of dealing with the situation
*Correct Answer is D

29) What did the local residents think about Raymond Banks' farm?
A) It was the most unkempt farm in the valley and a waste of good farm land
B) The farm was a model farm in the valley
C) The aroma from the chicken coups made life miserable for his neighbors
D) Raymond Banks did not own a farm in the valley
*Correct Answer is B

30) Why does Raymond make occasional trips to San Francisco?
A) To buy seed and other supplies for his farm at a better price
B) To bring his chickens to market
C) To visit the warden of San Quentin state prison and witness executions
D) Raymond has a secret love of theater and goes to see plays
*Correct Answer is C

31) Why does Bert Munroe ultimately refuse going on a trip to San Francisco with Raymond?
A) He became ill and decided the trip would be too much for him
B) He felt that he could not bear seeing an execution 
C) Bert hated the smell of chicken and could not help him take them to market
D) Mrs. Munroe wanted Bert to stay and tend to their crops
*Correct Answer is B

32) What was the favorite thing for children to watch at Raymond Banks' farm?
A) They liked watching Raymond collect eggs from the hens
B) They liked watching chickens hatch in the incubators
C) They liked to watch Raymond pitch hay in the fields
D) They liked watching Raymond kill chickens
*Correct Answer is D

33) What word best describes Pat Humbert?
A) Lonely
B) Vibrant
C) Educated
D) Artistic
*Correct Answer is A

34) Pat overhears Mrs. Munroe and Mae Munroe talking about his house. What did they seem to think his house looked like?
A) An adobe hut
B) A Virginia house 
C) A Vermont house 
D) A landfill
*Correct Answer is C

35) What did Pat do with the old furniture his parents used in the sitting room?
A) He set it all on fire
B) He had a yard sale
C) He gave it to a needy family in town
D) He had the furniture reupholstered
*Correct Answer is A

36) What was Richard Whiteside's first job when he came to California?
A) He was a surveyor
B) He opened a saloon
C) He was a gold prospector
D) He worked as a sheriff's deputy
*Correct Answer is C

37) What did Richard Whiteside originally want to name his child?
A) Richard
B) Shark
C) David
D) Bert
*Correct Answer is C

38) What university did John Whiteside attend?
A) Harvard University
B) Boston University
C) Arizona State University
D) California State University
*Correct Answer is A

39) How did the Whiteside family farmhouse catch fire?
A) John Whiteside was reading late at night and knocked over a kerosene lamp
B) Willa Whiteside left the stove on and a nearby rag caught fire
C) John Whiteside and Bert Munroe were burning brush in the fields and an ember floated into the house
D) The wood stove overheated and a chimney fire started
*Correct Answer is C

40) In the Epilogue, a number of people view the valley. Many have dreams while gazing upon the beauty of the valley before them. Why were they all there?
A) They traveled there to prospect for gold
B) They were on a tour bus 
C) They all happened to meet at the spot at the same time
D) They were all residents meeting for picnic
*Correct Answer is B

41) When the people gazed upon the beautiful valley before them what came to their minds?
A) They thought about what time they would return home
B) They wanted to visit a winery they could see on the distance
C) They all dreamed about how a better life could be had in the valley
D) They saw that the valley was smaller than they had originally thought
*Correct Answer is C