Pastures of Heaven - Further Reading

Anderson, Sherwood.  Winesburg, Ohio. (1919). Anderson's book consists in related short stories, a model for Pastures of Heaven, and included grotesque and gothic elements, as well as treating the desire of rural people to move to the city.

The Wikipedia article on Steinbeck's The Long Valley describes the book as being thematically linked with The Pastures of Heaven.  This collection of short stories explores the struggles of men and women against the individual, humanity, and society.

Understand how farming in the United States was rapidly changing on this government site. At the time Steinbeck had written The Pastures of Heaven farming in the United States was on a rapid decline.  Steinbeck lived in these valleys and saw the decline first hand.

A comprehensive history of farming in California from the Spanish missions in the 1700s to modern day farming trends.
A short review of The Pastures of Heaven.

A short synopsis of each chapter of The Pastures of Heaven with a map of relevant settings.

Literary Encyclopedia article on The Pastures of Heaven by Steinbeck scholar Michael Meyer.