Cup of Gold - Short Answer Study Questions

  1. 1986 Cup of Gold coverDescribe Old Robert and Mother Morgan.  In what ways do they influence Young Henry's image of himself?
  2. Describe Henry's visit with Merlin.  What is Henry's reaction to Merlin's prophecy about himself?  How do you feel this advice influences Henry later in his life?
  3. The evening before his departure, Henry wants to visit Young Elizabeth but he becomes fearful and decides against it.  Describe the thoughts and fears Henry has about seeing her and explain why he chooses to leave without saying goodbye to her.
  4. Why does Henry depart in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to his mother?
  5. When he arrives at Cardiff, Henry encounters Honest Tim of Cork.  Describe Honest Tim's personality.  How does this meeting influence and change Henry's life?
  6. Describe Young Henry's meeting with the captain of the merchant ship. What arrangements does Henry make with the captain and what is the irony of this situation?
  7. Who is James Flower? Describe his personality.
  8. By the end of Chapter 2, what has Henry learned about life in other parts of the world?
  9. After his meeting with Sir Edward, Henry meets a man named Grippo.  Who is Grippo and what is the arrangement between the two men?
  10. Describe the clever tactics Morgan uses to gain control of Spanish ships once he begins his novice career as a pirate.
  11. Describe the relationship between Henry and Edward Mansveldt.  What does Henry learn from Edward that makes him a better sea captain?
  12. Even though Henry gains respect for his conquests and becomes a fearless leader, why does he remain personally isolated from his comrades?  Explain.
  13. Because of his increasing isolation, Morgan becomes more intrigued with La Santa Roja.  Describe his obsession with finding her.
  14. When Henry devises the plan to attack Panama, what is the secret he keeps from all his crew?  How does he trick them into accompanying him on the attack?
  15. What are Don Juan's strategic plans for stopping Henry from gaining control of Panama?
  16. Describe the battle between Henry and his troops and Don Juan and his soldiers.  How does Henry outsmart Don Juan and his troops to overtake the city?
  17. What is the only thing Henry fears about trusting Coeur de Gris?  Is his fear rational and how does his fear overtake his judgment?
  18. Why does Henry shoot Cockney Jones?
  19. How does Ysobel repel Henry's attempt at attacking her?
  20. What news does the messenger bring to Henry from Ysobel's husband?
  21. In what ways is Lady Moddyford influential in helping Elizabeth after the death of Sir Edward?
  22. Why does Henry return to England and what are his intentions for stabilizing his future?
  23. What is Henry's new position in the government of England?  How does he feel about his new endeavor?
  24. Describe the meeting between Cousin Elizabeth and Henry.  What do both realize about one another?In the last passages of the book, Henry slips in and out of consciousness.  Describe his "dreams" and what information he discovers in his conversation with Young Elizabeth.

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