Cup of Gold - Interactive Quiz Questions

cover of Cup of Gold from 19711) In what country was Young Henry Morgan born? 
A) France
B) Scotland
C) Wales
D) England
*Correct Answer is C

2) What was the name of Young Henry's father?
A) Thomas 
B) Edward
C) James
D) Robert
*Correct Answer is D

3) Who was the girl Henry was in love with? 
A) Elizabeth 
B) Abigail
C) Marion
D) Cynthia
*Correct Answer is A

4) What story convinces Henry to leave home and trek across the world?
A) The King of France was at war and needed soldiers.
B) King Charles II had been murdered.
C) There was fame and fortune on the high seas.
D) His uncle was ill and Henry needed to go to him.
*Correct Answer is C

5) Who is the old man who lives on Crag Hill and what is his profession?
A) Abraham the sheep herder
B) Merlin the old seer
C) Jonas the farmer
D) Sebastian the sea captain
*Correct Answer is B

6) What does Henry's father give to Henry before he begins his journey?
A) 100 pounds
B) His personal sword and a shield
C) Advice
D) A letter addressed to Henry's uncle, Sir Edward
*Correct Answer is D

7) What city did Henry first visit on his quest?
A) Cardiff
B) Turnboult
C) Madrid
D) London
*Correct Answer is A

8) What two things must happen in Henry's life in order for his life to be successful?
A) He must own his own ship and become a spice merchant.
B) He must meet Charles II and join the British Army. 
C) He must travel to Rome and become a priest.
D) He must meet La Santa Roja and conquer a Spanish town.
*Correct Answer is D

9) Who befriends Henry and guarantees him safe passage on a merchant ship?
A) Honorable Jack 
B) Honest Tim
C) Truthful Thomas
D) Trustworthy Ted
*Correct Answer is B

10) What is the name of the merchant vessel Henry joins? 
A) The Stalwart
B) Bristol Girl
C) Diamond Rio
D) Red Saint
*Correct Answer is B

11) What shocking information does Henry learn when he lands in the West Indies?
A) He must return home because his mother died.
B) His father ran away with all the family's money.
C) The ship traveled to China instead.
D) He was deceived and sold into slavery as an indentured servant.
*Correct Answer is D

12) What job does plantation owner, James Flower, have in mind for Young Henry?
A) Flower wants Henry to buy and sell cattle to farmers in Jamaica.
B) Flower wants Henry to live in a hut and work in his fields.
C) Flower wants Henry to become his stable boy.
D) Flower wants Henry to become a live-in companion and listen and discuss ideas.
*Correct Answer is D

13) After learning to adjust to servitude, what lessons does Henry learn in order to survive?
A) He learns to become a strong leader and keep his future buccaneering plans a secret.
B) He learns how to become an expert marksman in case of an uprising.
C) He learns how to read and write in order to become better educated.
D) He learns how to speak French, Portuguese and Latin in order to become a pirate.
*Correct Answer is A

14) When Young Henry finally meets his uncle, Sir Edward, the young man is turned away when he asks his uncle for a favor. What was Henry's request?
A) I want to marry your daughter.
B) I want you to be my buccaneering partner.
C) I want to move into your castle. 
D) I want you to help my family become financially stable.
*Correct Answer is B

15) When Sir Edward refuses Henry's request, he also threatens the young boy. What does Sir Edward threaten to do to Henry?
A) Sir Edward will have to kill Henry if he commits treason against Mother England.
B) Sir Edward will have Henry returned to Jamaica as a slave.
C) Sir Edward will enroll Elizabeth in a convent if Henry pursues her. 
D) Sir Edward will fight Henry in a swordfight to determine the most suitable Morgan.
*Correct Answer is A

16) Paulette, Henry's slave concubine, falls in love with him and tries to deceive Henry by
A) Threatening to expose Henry's plan to leave the island.
B) Telling her parents she is pregnant with Henry's child.
C) Getting Henry drunk enough to marry her.
D) Threatening to expose Henry as a robber and a thief.
*Correct Answer is C

17) Throughout the story, Steinbeck refers to Henry always looking:
A) back to see if someone was following him.
B) deep into the mirror and seeing nothing he perceived as good.
C) over his shoulder, doubting his decisions at every turn.
D) beyond the moment, beyond the horizon for his chance to fully live out his dream.
*Correct Answer is D

18) Henry Morgans indentured servitude was a positive experience in his life. 
A) True
B) False
*Correct Answer is A

19) Who is the only woman Captain Morgan ever loved in his life? 
A) Paulette
B) Young Elizabeth
C) Ysobel
D) Lady Moddyford
*Correct Answer is B

20) During his life as a buccaneer, Henry is satisfied with his conquests but remains isolated from his comrades because
A) He fears their admiration is insincere.
B) He is constantly paranoid about defiance among his men.
C) He is obsessed with conquering Charles II and the British Navy.
D) He is tortured by thoughts of his family. 
*Correct Answer is A

21) Captain Morgan falls in love with the thought of the desirable temptress, La Santa Roja, and must discover:
A) What mystical powers make her so feared among men.
B) What curse she placed on his ship.
C) Whether she is real or a figment of imagination.
D) How much wealth her father holds as ruler of Panama.
*Correct Answer is C

22) Captain Morgan received word that Sir Edward was severely wounded at the Battle of St. Eustatius. What was Edward's last promise to his dear daughter, Elizabeth? 
A) Henry will always take care of her.
B) La Santa Roja will finally lift the curse against Henry.
C) Henry will quit buccaneering and move back home to Wales.
D) Henry will be hanged for treason against England.
*Correct Answer is A

23) In what city does Captain Morgan meet Grippo?
A) Brussels
B) Santiago
C) Barbados
D) Port Royal
*Correct Answer is D

24) What business arrangement do Henry and Grippo decide upon? 
A) Henry and Grippo will buy land in Jamaica and become plantation owners.
B) Grippo will help Henry attack Brazil.
C) Henry will become captain of Grippo's ship and they will become buccaneers.
D) Grippo will return to Wales in order to take care of Henry's dying parents.
*Correct Answer is C

25) When Edward Masveldt meets Henry Morgan for the first time, he is very impressed and immediately offers Henry a position in his organization. What position and title does Henry receive?
A) Henry is made Vice-Admiral of Masveldt's ship.
B) Henry is made galley cook of Masveldt's ship.
C) Henry is made starboard captain of Masveldt's ship.
D) Henry is made chief mapmaker and navigator of Masveldt's ship.
*Correct Answer is A

26) Masveldt and Morgan share many adventures together, sailing and pillaging their way across the West Indies. Who ends up murdering Captain Masveldt?
A) Captain Morgan
B) Captain Kidd
C) The Spanish 
D) Grippo
*Correct Answer is C

27) Captain Morgan gathers thirty-seven ships in preparation for attacking Panama, yet he keeps one secret from his men. What is the secret?
A) The British have already conquered Panama two weeks earlier.
B) Panama's leader, Don Juan de Guzman, committed suicide and burned the city.
C) Morgan is very fearful of success on the mission because of recurring dreams.
D) Morgan never reveals the final location of the attack.
*Correct Answer is D

28) Why does everyone presume Panama is unconquerable?
A) A large army resides within its walls.
B) It is naturally fortified due to its favorable geographical location.
C) Governor Don Juan de Guzman is an accomplished and fearless leader.
D) It is under the protection of the Spanish crown.

*Correct Answer is B
29) What secret weapon does Don Juan feel will be effective against Morgan's assault? 
A) Releasing stampeding bulls against Morgan's troops.
B) Mass suicide of all Panamanian people the night before the attack.
C) Trapping Morgan's ships in the harbor and attacking them.
D) Burning the jungles in an attempt to stop the brigade.
*Correct Answer is A

30) What happens when Morgan conquers Panama?
A) He is wounded by Don Juan in a struggle for control.
B) He finally fulfills his ultimate dream and wins the Cup of Gold.
C) He allows Don Juan to stay in power but takes all the gold out of the city.
D) He frees all the slaves in Panama.
*Correct Answer is B

31) When the troops return with the stunning woman named Ysobel, Henry is enchanted and embarrassed by her because
A) She reminds him of his lost love, young Elizabeth.
B) She is not as beautiful as he imagined.
C) He is scared of her mystical powers.
D) Her beauty burns his eyes.
*Correct Answer is A

32) When Henry meets Ysobel, he is overtaken with jealousy thinking Coeur de Gris has already been with her. What action does Henry impulsively perform?
A) Henry kills himself.
B) Henry kills the beautiful Ysobel.
C) Henry enslaves Ysobel in the dungeon.
D) Henry kills his friend, Coeur de Gris.
*Correct Answer is D

33) What happens when Henry Morgan and his troops return to the ship?
A) He throws a big party for the men and they get drunk and celebrate their victory. 
B) He sneaks off in the middle of the night, setting sail without his troops.
C) He feels shame for killing his friend, Coeur de Gris. 
D) All of the above. 
*Correct Answer is D

34) What is the significance of Henry returning to England and becoming a proper citizen and judge for Mother England?
A) It represents the loss of his own identity after failing himself on his journey.
B) It showed that no matter what, true love never dies.
C) It showed that life is an adventure and everything comes full circle in the end.
D) All of the above.
*Correct Answer is D

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