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1724 illustration of Bartholomew Roberts privateer

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Engraving of pirate Anne Bonny

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Web-based Resources

Gettysburg Flag Works: famous pirate flags

Gettysburg Flag Works is a commercial site selling all kinds of flags and accessories. The famous pirate flags page has a detailed list of historical pirates and collections of links to further information about each.

Franco Cavazzi's CyberTemple

Franco Cavazzi describes the life and times of Sir Henry Morgan on this page of his CyberTemple. Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers

The Community Learning Network (CLN) helps K-12 teachers integrate information technology into their classrooms, including themed information such as pirates, privateers and buccaneers.

Hegewisch, IL community: Pirates of the Caribbean, in fact and fiction

Hegewisch, IL, a neighborhood on the southeast side of Chicago, presents a community site including this page dedicated to the "Golden Age of Piracy", particularly in the Caribbean. "The intent of the page is to educate and to give the emerging scholars of piracy a place to start (and perhaps finish) their research on a most fascinating and colorful subject."

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