Contributors and Staff

The Center for Steinbeck Studies thanks the following people and organizations for their help building this website: 


Reading Guides were written and edited by Kathleen Hicks, Jennifer Lola McClelland, Peter Van Coutren, Mike Adams, Amanda Marinelli, Nicole Nixen, Karyn Riedell, Kent D. Nielsen, Elizabeth Dern, Christina Harney, Laurel Cox, Jessica Guyette, and Jeffrey Yeager.

Dr. Katya Karathanos, Assistant Professor in the Lurie College of Education at SJSU, wrote the section on using Steinbeck with English-Language Learners (ELLs) and provided valuable curriculum review.

Ken Butler and Richard White developed the curriculum in the Lesson Plans section. Mr. Butler and Mr. White have years of experience teaching Steinbeck in the middle-school classroom. Thanks also to Mr. Butler's and Mr. White's students at Merryhill School in Milpitas, CA.

Greg Koch of Greg Koch Photography designed and photographed the "classroom in the field" imagery featured on the site. Mr. Koch is a graduate of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at SJSU.

Joe Lovato and the literary club at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, CA, provided the talent for the photo shoot.

Maria Mesa, a student in SJSU's Single-Subject Credential Program, served as the teacher in the photo shoot.


Sstoz Tes, former Administrative Assistant for the Center for Steinbeck Studies, shepherded the project through its early stages, lining up most of the scholars and teachers who contributed content to the site.

Dr. Paul Douglass, former Director of the Center for Steinbeck Studies and Professor in the Department of English & Comparative Literature, provided vision and guidance to the project from its inception. 

Nick Taylor, current Director of the Center for Steinbeck Studies, contributed his computer-programming expertise to the first public version of the site and leads the effort to expand the project's reach.

Sabrina Nichols, the Center's Administrative Assistant, and Peter Van Coutren, the Center's Archivist, provide support to students, faculty, and researchers, as well as visitors to our facility in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Library.  

Matt Jecha, student web assistant, consulted on information design and built most of the Reading Guides pages. Matt is an undergraduate student in the Davidson College of Engineering at SJSU.

Jack Levitt, a student at Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, CA, drafted the initial information design for the site, edited video, and built many of the pages.

Mohammed Khasimi, Webmaster at Associated Students, built an early prototype of the site.